Staff Bios

Gary Phillips, MPA

A Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, has held senior management positions in both the private and public healthcare sectors, in acute and long term care settings. His broad scope of experience affords him a shared understanding and appreciation for the complexities of the business and the extraordinarily high expectations set by the regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies. As Managing Partner of Pinnacle Health Management, Gary’s primary roles are to provide administrative support to Pinnacle’s team of clinicians and to invest time into fostering productive partnerships with each nursing home and assisted living facility under contract; while being responsive to the needs of all.

Roger Bayog, M.D.

Dr. Bayog is a founding partner and Medical Director of Pinnacle Health Management. Dr. Bayog is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. He has been a practicing psychiatrist for over 30 years. He completed his residency training at Boston City Hospital and is a graduate of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Presently, Dr. Bayog is an Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at Tufts New England Medical Center, Medical Director of Norcap Lodge and the Chairman of the Department of Behavioral Medicine at the Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton, MA.

Kristen Barletta, RN/PNP

Kristen is an ANCC board certified Nurse Practitioner with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. As a graduate of Regis College, Kristen has been an Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner since 2011 with a work history that includes psychotherapy, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health disorders in both an outpatient and nursing home setting. She enjoys the connection with her clients, always striving to provide healing through the caring, therapeutic bond coupled with carefully considered psychopharm and behavioral interventions.

Sarah Benoit, LICSW

Sarah is an LICSW who received her degree from Boston University in 2005. Her work has allowed her to provide services to adolescents, adults and geriatric patients. Now working as a psychotherapist, she provides individual and family counseling to individuals in nursing home settings.

Denise Bishop, RN, MSN

Denise is a board certified family nurse practitioner who has work experience with both children and adults. A 2015 Regis College graduate, Denise uses her skills in supporting patients, managing cases, and creating care plans to provide highly-rated patient service and medical care.

Irina Dauphinee, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

Irina received her undergraduate degree from Regis College, and continued her education at the university to become a certified family nurse practitioner. Since her graduation, she has provided a high level of professional care to patients at various locations, including Boston Medical Center. In her time at Pinnacle Health Management, Irina has performed psychiatric evaluations that include providing mental status exams and assessing the health behaviors of the patients she sees in nursing homes, as well as making recommendations for further treatment.

Rev. Laura Delaplain, Ph.D

Laura has an extensive background as both a psychologist and a pastoral counselor. She is the clinical director of Pastoral Counseling Services of the South Shore and has dedicated a great deal of her career to educating others on the connection between psychotherapy and spirituality. In her role as a psychologist at Pinnacle Health Management, she manages her clinical case loads at long-term care facilities with intake assessment, treatment planning, one-to-one psychotherapy and case consultation, making her an essential part of our team.

Meredith Detwiler, RN, NP-C, MSN

Meredith is an AANP certified Nurse Practitioner and a 2007 graduate of Regis College. Her experience includes family practice, emergency medicine, and the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions in adults and the elderly.

Gerald Gasser, LICSW

Gerald has been working as an LICSW since completing his Masters of Social Work at Boston University in 1988. He has additional experience as a psychiatric counselor and a crisis clinician, which required him to attend to the needs of patients ranging in age from adolescence to late adulthood. His background has led him to provide exceptional care for the patients he now sees in the nursing home setting.

Melinda Gribko-Reyes, MSW, LICSW, LADC, LNHA

Melinda has worked as a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience in both clinical and administrative capacities since her graduation from Simmons College in 1999. She has been engaged as an outpatient counselor, Clinical Director and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Melinda provides counseling and clinical support to residents in need of therapeutic and/or behavioral intervention(s).

Nancy Le, RN, NP-C, MSN

Nancy is an ANCC board certified Gerontological Nurse Practitioner with over twenty years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychological disorders. She is a graduate of Boston University and has over ten years of dedicated practice experience in treating elders with psychological and/or neurological disorders.

Rosemary MacFarlane, M.S., R.N., C.S.

Rosemary is an ANCC certified Clinical Specialist in Adult Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing. She received her graduate degree from Northeastern University in 1995 and has been a practicing nurse since 1973. Rosemary has had a notable career, serving in the US Nurse Corp from 1982-1987 where she earned the Air Force Commendation Medal and the Air Force Achievement Medal. Since settling back in to a civilian career, Rosemary has devoted much of her time to her outpatient practice and her work with the elderly, both as therapist and psycho-pharmacologist.

Ellen McCarty, Ph.D., RN, PMH-CNS-BC

Ellen obtained her PhD in nursing from Boston College and since then has worked both as an adult psychiatric nurse and a professor of nursing. Her ability to work with, teach, and mentor multidisciplinary groups and families of older adults has enabled her to become a skilled, attentive, and knowledgeable clinician in her field.

Amanda McCloy, RN, MSN, PMHNP

Amanda is an ANCC certified Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, who joined Pinnacle Health Management in the fall of 2011. Amanda has
been a registered nurse since 2004 and obtained her Master’s degree from Regis College in 2011. Her practice draws on a wealth of experience garnered from her work as a registered nurse at McLean Hospital, Department of Corrections at MCI-Walpole and as an outpatient practitioner. Amanda enjoys working with the elderly and their families, finding the experience both gratifying and rewarding.

Jeanne McCluskey, RN, MSN

Jeanne is an ANCC board certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in the treatment and diagnosis of both neurological and psychological disorders. A graduate of Northeastern University, Jeanne has been a Nurse Practitioner since 1995 with a work history that includes acute rehab, critical care and behavioral medicine.

Linda Mezzetti, LICSW

Linda is a 1995 graduate of Simmons College school of Social Work. Since receiving her MSW from the university, Linda has practiced as a social worker and psychotherapist in Massachusetts, with adult and geriatric patients. Her experience as the Director of Social Services at Southwood at Nowell Nursing Center has given her greater insight into the needs of her patients in various nuring homes.

Edith Minkin, RN, MSN

Edith is an ANCC board certified Gerontological Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in the treatment and diagnosis of both neurological and psychological disorders in the elderly. A graduate of Boston University School of Nursing, Edie has been a Nurse Practitioner since 1989 with a work history that has predominately focused on elders living in long term care settings.

Nancy Perroni RN, MSN

Nancy is an AANP certified family nurse practitioner and is also a 2007 graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston. Nancy’s professional experience includes primary care, addiction medicine, critical care nursing, and diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions in adults and the elderly.

Michelle Remsen, OTR/L, CPRP, LICSW, C-ASWCM

Michelle is a dedicated healthcare professional, specializing in providing psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health care. She received her master’s in social work from Southern Connecticut State University in 2007, and has done work with many patient populations, including veterans, children, and families. Michelle is committed to providing the highest quality of care to ensure the well-being of her patients.

Kim Reske, ANP-BC

Kim is a detail-oriented and caring Adult Nurse Practitioner, with broad qualifications in diagnostic assessment, safe prescribing, and implementation of multifaceted treatment plans. She obtained her masters of science in nursing at Boston College. Her background encompasses intensive clinical training experiences in hospital settings, healthcare facilities, and adult/geriatric practices.

Joan Rosa, MSN, FNP-C

Joan is a Family Nurse Practitioner with experience in managing varied psychiatric and social issues, as well as the medication needs of her clients. She has worked in both the hospital and mental health facility environment, which makes her a well-rounded nurse, who is able to care for the needs of the patients she now sees in various nursing homes.

Natalie Rosenberg, MSW, LICSW

Natalie received her undergraduate degree from Simmons College and went on to complete her MSW at Rutgers University. Since graduation in 1982, Natalie has provided psychotherapy services to individuals and families in a variety of settings with a special emphasis on working with the elderly. She is a skilled therapist and educator, working with staff to develop skills in the areas of crisis intervention and behavioral management.

Nancy Rowley, MSW, LICSW

Nancy is an LICSW who has been devoted to providing services in Massachusetts for over 50 years. Beginning as a social worker at the Massachusetts Division of Child Guardianship after receiving her MSW from Howard University, she has worked with both children and adults to provide therapy to those experiencing abuse, grief, mental health issues, and marital problems. Nancy has been a great asset to the Pinnacle team, and continues to provide exceptional care to her patients.

Maria Salafia, M.S.N., R.N., C.S.

Maria is Board Certified by the ANCC as both a Clinical Specialist in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing and as an Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Her graduate studies in psychopharmacology marked the first collaborative training of Northeastern University nurse practitioners and Harvard University psychiatric residents. Having received her graduate degree from Northeastern University in 1999, Maria has been a practicing nurse since 1977. Maria’s career has included both management and clinical practice in inpatient, residential and community based settings. She has devoted much of her outpatient practice in support of the elderly, both as therapist and psycho-pharmacologist.

Ruth Soderberg, RN, MS, Ed.M., CNP, ANP-C

Ruth is a certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in the treatment and diagnosis of both neurological and psychological disorders. A graduate of Northeastern University, Ruth has been a Nurse Practitioner since 1994 with a work history that includes pediatrics, critical care and emergency services. Ruth works closely with each resident’s primary care physician in determining appropriate pharmacological interventions and adjunctive therapies.

Tom Stackhouse, Ph.D

Tom has been providing services as a psychiatric doctor for the past 40 years, with 23 of those years being spent helping geriatric patients. He obtained his PhD in psychology from the University of Georgia after serving for three years in the U.S. Navy. His expertise in working with individuals with acute and chronic mental health issues has led him to be a dynamic member of the Pinnacle team.

Linda Winiker, LICSW

Linda received her masters degree in social work from Adelphi University, and began her career as a psychotherapist at an outpatient mental health clinic. From there, Linda focused her expertise in being a geriatric clinician and consultant, and has continued to do so for the last 25 years. Her level of care that she provides to her patients is remarkable, and she is an essential member of our staff.

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